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Hi, I’m Paula – I Scale Revenue for Businesses.

Paula Gadtaula has a distinguished career in direct marketing, spanning two decades, began with a meteoric rise to the youngest supervisor in Technion history. Her prowess in sales and leadership soon led to the founding of Empire Marketing Group, LLC in 2012, a firm where she demonstrated her acumen in diverse sectors, ranging from deregulated electricity to life and health insurance. Paula’s entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of market dynamics have established her as a leading figure in the industry.

Her journey is characterized by resilience and a strategic approach to both business and life. Paula has faced and surmounted various challenges, balancing professional demands with personal growth. Her ability to prioritize effectively in different seasons of life has been pivotal to her success. Today, Paula is not just a beacon in her field but also a mentor and inspiration, driven by a passion to empower others and leave a lasting impact through her work and experiences.


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