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Hi, I’m Paula – I Scale Revenue for Businesses.

My journey began with a rapid ascent to a leadership role at Technion, which set the stage for my two-decade-long career. In 2012, I founded Empire Marketing Group, LLC, where I have applied my expertise across various sectors including deregulated electricity and life insurance. Known for my entrepreneurial spirit and keen market insights, I’ve navigated my career with a blend of professional excellence and personal growth.

Today, I am not just a figure in my industry, but also a mentor and inspiration, dedicated to empowering others and making a meaningful impact through my work and experiences.

"Success in marketing isn't just about understanding the trends; it's about creating them. Every challenge is an opportunity to innovate and lead."

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Our mission is to provide exceptional, tailored marketing solutions that drive not only revenue growth but also establish lasting industry leadership for our clients. Through strategic insight, expertise, and unwavering dedication, we aim to be catalysts for change and success in the dynamic world of marketing

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